You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

You don’t “wing it” with your treatment, so why are you doing it with front desk training?

When a new patient calls, do you know what your front desk team is saying?

Let’s face it. Front desk team members answer phones and greet people. How hard could it be?


Isn’t it enough to show them how to work the phone and logon to the computer?


When your front desk team doesn’t communicate well to your potential patients, you might as well throw your marketing dollars in the trash.


They also are the predictors of your future schedule as they book future appointments. Finally, they are your diplomats when customers become frustrated. Do you want to leave that to chance?


You’re a specialist in your field – not a communication specialist. Let us help you train, coach and develop your front desk to empower your staff and start more patients.


Meet Amy Demas.

At her core, Amy Demas is a coach and teacher. It’s in her DNA.


No matter where life and work circumstances have placed her, this truth comes out. Her diverse background demonstrates success in everything she touches:

One of the first 1000 women to ever attend the United States Military Academy

Received a BS Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology

Developing pipe stress analysis handbook for petrochemical piping systems (think orthodontics on a huge scale, folks)

Homeschooling her 3 children to top 5th percentile results with Duke University Talent Identification Program

Toastmasters - served in numerous leadership roles and earned the highest distinction possible as Distinguished Toastmaster

Award-winning communication evaluator in Toastmasters

VP at Bank of America with over 55 US Patents for statistical and process development work 

Orthodontic office manager for her husband’s office (SSG office) - while also having sat in all administrative roles

Developed front desk coaching and training programs while listening to thousands and thousands of calls


Certified trainer with Bank of America for the first-time manager program

Design for Six Sigma green belt certification

Grow your business with our consulting services.


On-Line Course

Remote Workshop(s)

Quick-Start Coaching

Accountability Coaching

Platinum Plus +

On-Line Course

On-Site Training

Quick-Start Coaching

Accountability Coaching

Contact Us for additional details and see how we can customize a solution for your needs.

Here’s what you’ll get through working with Communicate Excellence.

Standardized training for your admin/front desk team

New patient call flow for the 21st-century caller

Improved scheduling leading to smoother clinical days

Reduced escalated calls due to improved communication experiences

Understanding how personalities impact communication

Improved confidence for your team

Accountability and coaching - taking knowledge to habits

Transparency to know exactly how your team members are progressing with detailed follow-up after each session


Image of Dr. Ron Redmond
"Amy Demas worked...to perform several innovative Practice Management projects. One example was a research project utilizing SSG practice management data; Amy is an expert in data spreadsheets. In addition, Amy has several patents for her work done at the Bank of America. I give my strongest recommendation for Amy Demas."

– Dr. Ron Redmond, CEO, Schulman Study Group

Image of Dr. Kyle Fagala
"Amy's extensive background in engineering, business, leadership, and orthodontics help make her a tremendous coach and advocate for your orthodontic practice. During her one-day visit to my practice, my entire team remained engaged and inspired the entire time Amy was there—no small task! She has followed up with my admin team over the past few months, providing one-on-one coaching and feedback, sharing the results with me along the way. Amy is extremely organized, thoughtful, creative, and kind. I highly recommend her services."

– Dr. Kyle Fagala, Saddle Creek Orthodontics

"Our team has greatly benefited from Amy's training and coaching over the past several months. She has helped us fine-tune the skills necessary to maximize interactions with both new and existing patients. Her coaching sessions are presented in a positive and encouraging manner that has been especially beneficial in how our current patients are scheduled, as well as our approach in handling new patient phone calls. Amy has shown us the tremendous value of efficient and streamlined communication methods to assist in maximizing our practice’s goals. I would highly recommend her training and coaching program to any practice looking to enhance their patient communication!"

– Dr. Lance Miller, Keene Orthodontic Specialists

Image of Christie
“When I was hired, I was new to the orthodontic field. Amy quickly changed that. With her guidance and the resources that she provided, I quickly mastered the front desk position. Amy’s instruction made me feel empowered. She had an extreme amount of patience, not just correcting anything I did wrong, but showing me why it was wrong and providing me the tools to do it correctly. She helped me thrive in my new role and made me confident and relaxed which has made all the difference.”

– Christie, Treatment Coordinator

Image of Dr. Lou
“I have known Amy for over 10 years and she is as solid a friend as you could hope for. She won’t tell you, but she has over 55 patents in the financial industry and is now bringing her expertise to orthodontics. Amy is that rare person who understands the numbers completely, but her real value to your practice is her interpersonal skills. She will help you formulate your goals, then distill them to an “elevator talk” and then get your team completely on board to help you achieve goals beyond what you can currently conceive. If you’re looking to move past your current “status quo” and want help navigating the changes in orthodontics, Amy is your guide. You can’t go wrong."

– Dr. Lou Chmura, Doctor in SSG

of surveyed staff members highly recommend Amy’s teaching and coaching.
of surveyed doctors highly recommend Amy’s teaching and coaching.


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See how you can start more patients.

If you can’t grab a new patient at “hello,” you might as well tell them “goodbye”. Learn how your practice can stand out and start more patients.


Consumers will pay extra to feel special, but if that isn’t the way you perform with every communication touchpoint, you can kiss them goodbye to a lower bidder or to a better experience.

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