Man waiting for someone who will no-show while looking at watch.

No-Show Rates – Who’s Avoiding You?

By Amy Demas | May 17, 2019

First things first…no one likes to be stood up! But do you know who is avoiding you? Are those who no-show their appointments equally present across all types of customers, or is there a smaller segment of your customers impacting the metric? Your No-Show Rates are an essential metric yielding clarity for your office. Let’s Read More

Bored woman

Confirmation Call – “I’m confirming [beeeep]”

By Amy Demas | May 8, 2019

We have all experienced it, right? Thanks to Caller ID, we let the answering machine or our voicemail answer the call. It’s only a confirmation call. It serves to remind us to show up to an appointment or obligation. But the usual result is a quick [DELETE]…beeeeeeep. The Ritualistic Confirmation Call We have a love-hate Read More

Correct Posture

Get Your Posture Straight – Understanding the Difference Between Deference and Guidance

By Amy Demas | April 26, 2019

Leaders understand the importance of posture. There is more to posture than sitting tall or standing up straight. Posture also relates to a frame of mind or attitude when communicating with our customers. Posture – Two Differing Attitudes There are two primary postures used throughout the day. They are deference and guidance. During the day Read More

Have a plan or bore your customer.

Do You Have a Plan on What You Say?

By Amy Demas | April 19, 2019

Blah, Blah, Blah Is this what you sound like to your callers, potential customers, or customers? You might if you don’t have a plan. You must find the sweet spot of providing enough information to demonstrate appropriate knowledge, while also coordinating it with brevity so it can be absorbed. The balancing act is like walking Read More

Communicate Well

Does Your Office Communicate Excellence?

By Amy Demas | April 8, 2019

The Search I remember moving to a new city and having to get established all over again. It was agonizing enough to think of finding new stores, a church, and a favorite library for my family. But to think of doctors and getting that right was agonizing. As a single mom at that time I Read More