A Guide To Authentic, Positive, Consistent Front Desk Communication

Excellent book for the entire orthodontic team — a must read! It’s well written and easy to apply. And the opportunity to work with the author one on one in the future…PRICELESS.

Do yourself a favor: buy the book and move your practice forward.

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You’ll Learn

  • The guiding principles of effective communication
  • How to develop a process without sacrificing personality
  • How to welcome new patients and set up appointments
  • How to handle challenges such as upset callers
  • How to guide your front desk team to excellence
  • And more!


Explaining the Obvious: 3 Curses of Knowledge

Explaining the Obvious: 3 Curses of Knowledge

Have you ever wondered why your patients and customers just don’t “get it”? You are explaining the obvious. Why don’t they get it!?! Could something else be in play? There is. You are victim to the “Curse of Knowledge”.

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Amy has shown us the tremendous value of efficient and streamlined communication methods to achieve our practice’s goals. I would highly recommend her coaching program to any practice looking to enhance their patient communication!

Dr. Lance Miller, Keene Orthodontic Specialists

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