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Imagine Producing an Additional $300,000 Each Year

Communicate Excellence teams have seen a 20% increase in production (after 5 years of NO increase). For the average single doctor practice, which receives approximately 850 new patient calls each year, this increase translates to nearly $300,000.

Before Amy

After Amy

This is What Success Looks Like

You gave me a whole new person. I was hoping you could help [Jen] or I might have had to let her go. But now when I overhear her, I am SO pleased! Now I smile! No more cringing!

– Dr. Mark

From Cringe-Worthy to Polished

Communicate Excellence coached Jen in the following action steps, which helped her sound more professional, friendly and confident.

  • She added first and last responses.
  • She began incorporating the callers’ names appropriately.
  • She expressed “I understand.”
Result: Positive connections with patients!

Happier Patients

I am SO happy to see and HEAR the improvements! The greatest impact by far is the way they handle angry customers, not only has the amount of “intense” conversations gone down but the amount of upset people passed to me has gone down as well!

Sarah, Office Manager, Hull & Coleman Orthodontics


Decrease in No-Shows

Our teams have seen a 40% year-over-year decrease in no-show rates for new patients.

How many marketing dollars do you spend to get the phone to ring – only to have them no-show?

New Patient Starts

“Our office has gone from an average of 3 new patients a day to 9 new patients a day!”

– Charrity, Treatment Coordinator, McCormick Orthodontics


Reduction in Calls Longer Than 10 Minutes

Offices report there are more consults with multiple responsible parties attending…

And those attendees are more informed at the consult – due to the first phone call.

From Bogged Down to Brief

Rebecca was primarily a front desk scheduling coordinator. Because her role also helped with the finances and insurance, she liked to express this knowledge on the phone, which caused calls to take too long.

She had been in a call center before working in an orthodontic office, and she had been exposed to “customer service” training in the past, but Communicate Excellence taught Rebecca the art of BREVITY: sentences on the phone; paragraphs in person.

“I am so much more confident. I can set appointments so much easier now.

Patients do not walk over me anymore.”

– Debbie, Scheduling Coordinator Harvey & Thomas Orthodontics

From Mousy To Mighty

Debbie used to dread making appointments, and her calls would take too long.

Communicate Excellence helped Debbie feel more confident and use the proper leading question to offer appointments. Now, Debbie is in control of the conversation.

No More Tears

Before Communicate Excellence, an orthodontics office’s front desk employees were often in tears after interactions with patients who seemed to treat them like they were “stupid.” The patients belonged to a micro culture that did not respond well to their syrupy-sweet southern charm.

After Communicate Excellence coached the staff to sound more business-like, not only were there no more tears, but patients were reaching out — unsolicited — asking what had changed because the in-person and on-phone experiences improved so much they had to mention it.

The team had adapted to the audience. They sounded more polished, and patients loved it!”

– Sarah, Office Manager, Hull & Coleman Orthodontics

The first call is a $5,000 call

– John McGill CPA, MBA, JD
McGill & Hill Group

The softer sides of business are the real differentiators.

– Chris Bentson
Bentson Copple & Associates

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