Save Your Practice Thousands Of Dollars

Patients will pay extra to feel special, but if you don’t fulfill that desire at every communication touchpoint, you can kiss them goodbye to a lower bidder or better experience

Results We’ve
Achieved Include…

40% Decrease in No Shows
Among new patients within 9 months

20% Increase in Production
After 5 years of NO increase

64% Reduction in Calls
Longer than 10 minutes

If you want to achieve goals beyond what you can conceive, Amy is your guide.

You can’t go wrong.

Dr. Lou Chmura
Chmura Orthodontics

Find The Right Orthodontic Consulting
Package For Your Practice

TC Training

Sales training for on-site and virtual consults, follow up and more

  • Learn to close the sale and increase conversion rates
  • Master how to respond to different personalities
  • Become comfortable and fluid with rebuttals
  • Be proficient in asking for small promises of commitment
  • Convert any pending patients

SC Training

Phone skills training for efficient and impactful first impressions

  • Master the first and last impression
  • Learn how to offer appointments to your schedule
  • Know how to prevent escalations
  • Master the initial inquiry call to prevent no-shows
  • Mousy to marvelous or edgy to polished

Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching for doctors and leaders in the practice

  • Master speaking to patients, parents, and the team
  • Learn how to connect and the art of persuasion
  • Know WHEN and HOW to say when
  • Become proficient in the use of benefits and consequences to close the sale
  • Design a customer journey roadmap

All Packages Include:

  • Coaching & accountability
  • Improved confidence
  • Standardized training
  • Communications training for the 21st-century buyer
  • QuickStart course for new hires
  • Progress reports
  • Purchase for your needs – never overbuy
  • Options for remote and on-site initial training

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Amy has shown us the tremendous value of efficient and streamlined communication methods to achieve our practice’s goals. I would highly recommend her coaching program to any practice looking to enhance their patient communication!

Dr. Lance Miller, Keene Orthodontic Specialists

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