It is great to be back seeing customers and patients again. Our post-COVID business practices have been transformed and caused us to be creative whether we wanted to or not. But it is important in this new space to remain connected even if we cannot have everyone into our businesses. And on the flip side, we have to error-proof and be efficient.

How is this tall order possible? Over the past month, a new solution has come onto the market. It is currently seen at and has brought together many Critical-to-Quality (CTQs) for our businesses.

Here is a demo video of the product in a live environment.

Why does this hit on so many key points? Here are a few below:

  • Simple – A hyperlink can be sent to the customer in an appointment reminder. One-click and they are signed in and have immediate access to a consent and wellness form.
  • Error-proof – No customers get “lost” as all stations can see who is in the queue.
  • Streamlined – Auto-filled messages making it easier for team members to process patients.
  • Connecting – Email and video options to speak directly with the person in the virtual waiting room.
  • Avoids rework – By talking directly with the responsible party, next appointments and summaries are made directly to the impacted parties and therefore avoid the “rework” of parents calling to change appointments or calling to ask what was done.
  • Customer-focused – Maintains a customer-focused process to ensure the team stays in touch with those who refer to you.

Don’t forget that being efficient and safe is not the opposite of connecting and customer service. Check out the service and you will make your customers and your front desk team members happy!